Membership & Benifits

Members receive publications that are produced by the Society:
The Observer's Handbook is an annual guide to the night sky, containing over 200 pages of information on astronomical data and phenomena. It is essential to any person who wishes to keep up with the sky. Over ten thousand copies of The Handbook are sold annually to non-members, and hundreds of libraries around the world subscribe to this publication.
The Journal is issued six times a year, and contains articles of lasting interest to both amateur and professional astronomers, as well as educators and the general reader. In addition to scientific and special interest articles, the Journal contains news of Society activities.
SkyNews. This Canadian magazine, published by the National Museum of Science and Technology, is aimed at the novice and amateur astronomer with up-to-date star charts and current information. RASC Observer's Calendar. A forum for astrophotography by members of the Society. It features outstanding images and lists events observable across Canada. As a member of the Niagara Centre, you are entitled to two levels of membership benefits: National and Centre.

National Benefits

The annual Observer's Handbook, an invaluable aid to the study of the night sky.
The bimonthly Journal, containing a variety of articles on astronomy and Society news.
SkyNews magazine, a Canadian magazine for the novice and amateur astronomer.
Use of the Society's library of books, magazines and slides.
Participation in all the activities of the National Society and of the local Centre.
The satisfaction of supporting and participating in astronomical education and research.

Centre Benefits

Five issues per year of the bi-monthly (except summer) Niagara Whirlpool, newsletter of the Niagara Centre.
Group subscription plans (optional) to Astronomy and Sky & Telescope magazines.
Access to the Niagara Centre E-Mail Discussion List and Members' Area (a resource page exclusively for Niagara Centre members).
Use of the Centre's loaner telescopes.
Use of the Centre's dark site observatory.
Participation in all Centre events and activities: monthly meetings, star nights, ATM (Amateur Telescope Makers') Group, Imaging Group, field trips, etc.
Fellowship and knowledge gained from novice through to expert centre members.
National Benefits (listed above).

All new Niagara Centre members receive a warm welcome, and are encouraged to become active participants in the Centre.

Membership Fees(Updated: Aug. 2014)
There are currently three classes of membership in the Niagara Centre:
Adult: $79.00
Youth: $45.00
Family: $ 74.00
+ $11.00 each additional adult
+ $5.50 each additional youth

RASC Observing Certificate Programs

The RASC offers three new observing programs:
Explore the Universe Certificate
RASC Messier Certificate
Finest NGC Certificate to promote active observing.

By successfully completing these programs you are eligible for an official certificate from the RASC. Observing certificates are a great way to challenge yourself, learn more about the night sky and get the most out of our challenging and rewarding hobby. To help administer these programs, the Niagara Centre has become a Local Certification Centre. Members who have completed their program(s) may apply directly to Brian Pihack who will evaluate each submission and issue the appropriate certificate(s). For more details about the certificate programs, visit the RASC Observing Certificate Programs homepage.