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Mailing Address:

RASC Niagara
c/o Dr. Brian Pihack
4245 Portage Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2E 6A2

Please feel free to contact the people listed below for further information about the Niagara Centre. If the person you wish to contact doesn't have an e-mail address, you can contact them via: the Vice President.

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Elected Officers
 Vice PresidentJuan 
 National Council RepresentativeJanice 
 National Council RepresentativeMichael 

Board of Directors
 Dan Frigault 
 David Perry 
 Tim Barnes 

Appointed Positions
 Beginners Class Co-OrdinatorStan Sammy 
 Public RelationsBrian Pihack 
 Light Pollution AbatemantWayne Liebau 
 Whirlpool Editor and PublisherJohn VanderBrugge 
 LibrarianJoan Tulloch 
 Loaner telescopes Co-OrdinatorStan Sammy 
 Observatory DirectorDavid Perry 
 Members Observing Co-OrdinatorMichael Panucci 
 Public Observing Co-OrdinatorBrian Pihack 
 Public Observing Co-OrdinatorStan Sammy 
 Web Site Co-OrdinatorBrian Vaughan 
 Education / OutreachBrian Pihack 
 Education / OutreachStan Sammy 
 HospitaalityPatricia Sammy 

Presidents Council
 Dan Frigault 
 John VanderBrugge